Welcome to Nunsongyee!

The concept for Nunsongyee began with my love for bingsu, a dessert from my hometown, Korea. Here in Singapore, it is summer all year round. On many occasions I thought to myself how pleasant it would be to have a bingsu on this sunny island. With this, Nunsongyee was born!

When I was very much younger, Bingsu is one of the things I really looked forward to in Summer. However it meant much more than just a dessert to me. It was a bowl of happiness that I would share with my family. My Mother, Father, and Sister. Simply to me, Bingsu is “Love” and it is also joy. I could never recall anyone crying while having a bingsu. Have you? Nunsongyee exists because it was meant to be a dessert destination where families, friends and love ones can come together.

Eat together, laugh together. In this fast paced world with everyone having hectic schedules. I envisioned Nunsongyee to be a Haven for perhaps just a little moment, We can spend time with the those that really matter.

At Nunsongyee, Most of our key ingredients are specially selected and imported from Korea. We always believed in providing the most authentic Korean dessert experience for anyone that visits us. Healthy Desserts that can be shared through generations. Therefore our product is only made fresh daily, using the best ingredients available just as it was done in Korea.

Our desserts menu is mostly created using recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother (who is a farmer!) Do not belittle me, I have a few tricks up my sleeve too. I hope you will enjoy our bingsu and other desserts, as much as I do. See you soon @ Nunsongyee, where we share happiness. And share bingsu.